Why is Hiking Good For You?

Hiking is a popular recreational activity enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Although hiking may seem a little extreme for some, it can have many advantages and benefits for those willing to give it a try. It’s an activity that allows you to get outside, get dirty, and feel like you’re part of a world far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you’re adventurous and enjoy hiking, you might be asking yourself why you would ever take a trip hiking. Well, there are a few advantages and disadvantages to hiking that make it worth your time.

Get in shape

One of the biggest advantages of hiking is how good you can get your body in shape! Seriously, hiking will be a good cardio workout for your upper body and if you’re serious about enhancing your core strength, hiking is definitely the way to go. Many people think that hiking will help build upper body muscles, but it actually works the opposite way – you’ll be strengthening and toning your lower back and abdominal muscles at the same time as you’re hiking. You will also find that as you walk through the woods and hike across the terrain, you will develop a better workout than if you were just going to the gym. This is because your muscles will not be stiff and sore when you get off of the trail and go to the office.

Another advantage to hiking is being prepared. When you take the time to prepare ahead of time by packing your hiking poles, food, and water and using the right type of hiking clothes, you become more prepared for what’s coming. Most people tend to pack less when they hike and that can lead to carrying extra items such as extra poles, food or water, and other things that are unnecessary. The more prepared you are for your journey, the fewer things you need to carry and the easier it is to concentrate on the fun part of hiking, which is staying fit.

Good aerobic exercise

Hiking provides a low-impact aerobic exercise that can improve cardiovascular fitness and metabolism. It has been proven to increase the circulation of blood and improve lung capacity, both of which can directly benefit weight loss. Hiking makes the heart stronger and increases the amount of oxygen in the blood which results in better overall fitness. It also makes muscles stronger and decreases the risk of injury. All of these benefits lead to a longer lifespan and improved health.

Although some people do enjoy hiking, those who experience significant back pain often refrain from such physical activity. This is primarily due to the weight and balance required when hiking, which puts a strain on the back. Yet, with the use of hiking poles, back pain sufferers can now enjoy the benefits of this great exercise without dealing with aches and pains.

Those who are trying to lose weight should definitely consider hiking since hiking can provide a great way to manage your diet while losing weight. During hiking, your metabolism increases which result in fat burning. As you lose weight, your blood pressure will naturally decrease as well. Thus, hiking not only helps you lose weight, but can also prevent back pain and other health issues that come along with conventional forms of exercise, such as jogging and walking.

Fun activity

There are a variety of hiking trails to choose from depending on where you live. In addition to being a fun activity, hiking can also be a good way to exercise. In order to enjoy good points about hiking, you should know what to expect from the activity. Although hiking is not always easy, it can be made more enjoyable by planning ahead and knowing what you need to prepare for before leaving home. Planning out your trip beforehand will ensure that there are no mishaps that could interfere with your hiking plans. As you explore the many hiking trails around your community, you can try to determine which trails offer the most challenging terrain and features.

Final note: Have a proper footwear

Another important thing to take into consideration when hiking is proper footwear. Most people prefer hiking shoes because they are light and therefore more comfortable. Hiking socks are another option that most people prefer to wear when hiking so they do not have to carry additional weight. However, not all hiking socks are created equal. Some actually provide less than optimal support for your feet and legs, causing fatigue during prolonged hikes. In addition to choosing a pair of quality hiking socks, make sure you choose one that is of the right thickness to prevent blisters and other health problems that result from poor support.