The Best Exercise to Improve Your Health

After deciding to choose exercise as a way of improving your health, the next dilemma becomes which specific exercise is best for my health? Selecting a particular exercise can be challenging, but answering a few basic questions can lead you to your preferred choice. Are you an outdoor or indoor person? Does the particular exercise bring about fun? Do you prefer working in alone or with others? These are a few questions that will point out the exercise that will improve your health. Remember that the exercise program you select must be fun, convenient and easy to stick to.

Before selecting your ideal exercise program, it’s essential to seek the advice of your doctor. The doctor will conduct several tests to decide if you have any chronic illness or if you are overweight. Pre-exercise screening is vital to find out if you have any health condition that can lead to more health problems as you exercise. The screening will help the doctor to figure out the health benefits of the exercise against the risks.

After the pre-screening test, these are some considerations that will help you to locate the ideal exercise program;

Select an exercise that fits your lifestyle

You are more likely to stick to an exercise regime that fits into your daily routine. If you can access swimming pool or a gym before or after work, go for the specific exercise of choice. If you have children and you like them to join you in training, consider a sports club or organized classes or any other venue that supports a group or family practice. Cycling walking, jogging, swimming are examples of such exercises. You can choose a 20 minutes’ walk to catch the train or to get to your office. This can become your daily routine.

Is exercise enjoyable?

The main reason most people abandon their exercise programs is boredom. If you enjoy walking, you can turn this into a daily exercise that will improve your health. You can make the exercise more enjoyable for example walking, jogging or swimming with a friend makes the exercise more appealing. If you enjoy strength training, joining a gym could be the best choice. Try out several activities and select what you enjoy most.

Equipment required

Physical exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. The primary aim is to improve your health. When selecting the best activity, consider the equipment required. Can you buy the equipment or you will need to join a gym or sports club? Is it within your means? Can the equipment be used in your house? Will you need the service of a trainer to use the machines? These questions will be useful as you choose your perfect exercise program.

You can vary the exercise

If you have a weekly program, try different exercises on different days. It is important to note that each set of activities is meant for specific purposes. For example, aerobics are necessary for cardiovascular health; strength training is suitable for bone and muscular fitness. Varying the exercises will limit monotony and boredom. Besides, you will work on different muscles and reducing the chances of injury. Consider both indoor and outdoor activities; in case of erratic weather, you can still practice indoors.

Choosing the best exercise to improve your health isn’t a simple exercise. It will involve lots of trial and error. Choose what you love and enjoy. Try various exercises before settling for the best. And remember alternating exercises on different days will ensure that all your muscles are utilized.