Sports have become part of human life since history. At present sporting events are more organized and attract scores of people from all over the world. Some of these events are held annually, other biannually, while others are held in every four years. These are some sporting events that top the list regarding fans and expenditure.

The FIFA world cup started in 1930, and since then it has been held after every four years except for 1942 and 1946. This is an international soccer event that is highly heated. It attracts the top teams from all over the world. The finals are held in one month each time by a different host country or countries. The event starts with over 200 countries battling for the 32 final slots in the world cup for about two years.

The Olympics is regarded as the world’s greatest athletics competition. It is held in every two years for two weeks. The event attracts massive viewership from all over the globe. Besides athletics, the Olympics are the world most significant event regarding a variety of sports. Many countries take part in the games because of the many sports available in the competition.

The UEFA champion’s league is a continental soccer event organized by the European Football Association. This event is held annually. The soccer games run over the entire football season culminating in 32 teams in the finals. The vent attracts to teams in the premier leagues all over Europe.

The ICC Cricket World Cup is an event organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC). This is an international event comprising Men’s one-Day International (ODI) and T 20 Cricket. The Cricket Wolrd Cup is held once in every four years for the ODI and every two years for the T20. It attracts massive viewership internationally.

The Super Bowl is an annual American soccer event organized by the National Football League (NFL). It attracts the best team in the American league. It is ranked as one of the most viewed sports events in America. The NLF has an International series that brings together other countries like England, Canada, and Mexico.

Wimbledon is the oldest international tennis competition in the world. It has been held in Wimbledon, England since 1877. Because of its history and tradition, it continues to attract lots of fans each year. The Wimbledon Tennis is part of the four majors alongside the French Open, Australian Open and Us Open.

This event is held annually in France though it passes through other neighboring countries. The first Tour De France tournament was held in 1903. Original this sporting vent ran around the borderline of France. Tour De France has 21 daily stages and does not exceed 3,500km.

The Rugby World cup is an international event organized by the International Rugby Board. Rugby World Cup is held once in every four years form 1987. The event attracts 20 countries in the finals held in the select host country. The winners receive the William Webb Ellis Cup.

The Formula One is also referred to as the Grand Prix. Formula one is held in several tracks worldwide from Monaco to Singapore. This is a three-day event mainly held from Friday to Sunday. Of all the Formula One races, the Brazilian Grand Prix is one of the most exciting events.

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is regarded as the best men’s professional basketball league worldwide. NBA finals are organized by FIBA the basketball governing body in the USA. This league started in 1946 in New York City under the name Basketball Association of America (BAA).