Is Playing Golf A Good Exercise?

It was earlier believed that golf was a game for the elite but there a lot of people coming up and practicing it more. Playing golf might be viewed as all fun and games without any health benefits but this is not the case. When playing golf you involve a lot of organs from your leg hands and even the brain. Golf, as a matter of fact, helps to improve your cardiovascular health, flexibility and even strength.

For more info here E are some of the health benefits you gain from playing golf.

As you have noticed over the years this wonderful game has been played away from the countryside where there are a lot of activities taking place.

The places where people play golf are characterized by beautiful greeneries and away from any pollution. In the presence of a wonderful environment it means you get to breathe in fresh air which is generally good for your body and lungs.

Since golf is not all that straneous there are light walks every participant takes from one hole to the next and such activities are viewed to be excellent cardiovascular workouts.

It is estimated that an individual could use up to 300 calories while playing golf which is a plus for a healthy body.

Having putts involves the use of the brain in calculating and estimating each putt. This is an activity to the brain as it is concerned with spatial and physics relationships. Involving your brain in any activity ensures that it grows to be much healthier.

Since there is a lot of bending and picking up the golf balls and setting up a golf tee flexibility is enhanced and improved through these activities and much more. You also manage to build stronger muscles of the shoulders, arms, and back through the swings you take to hit the golf balls. Also lifting up the heavy golf bags helps your muscles gain more mass and become stronger.