Fight Depression With Exercise After Divorce

Apart from losing love, property or a best-friend, a divorce can also feel like you have lost some part of yourself, and that is just the perfect set up for depression to settle in. Your whole life is bound to change after a divorce, whether it ended on friendly terms or hostile.

After the divorce, the things you used to do together, you will now have to do them alone or with someone else, and the truth is; it is never the same. Luckily, in this page, you will learn how you can fight depression with exercise as it has been proven to be one of the effective ways of getting rid of it. However, for it to work, first you should:

Understand how you feel

During the divorce period, it is vital that you understand your emotions and why you are feeling that way. This process will help you gain control of your emotions and therefore reduce the adverse effects of the divorce and the people around you.

Don’t Fight your Feelings

After a divorce, it is possible that you will experience conflicting emotions, including anger, sadness, relief, sadness, and even confusion.

It may feel difficult to accept some of these motions, but it is crucial that you acknowledge them. Remember suppressing these emotions will only prolong your recovery period. Talking about what you feel can be helpful, you will feel less alone if someone else knows what you are going through.

Be Hopeful

Have hope for better things: Avoid dwelling on negative feelings such as blame as they will only distance you further from your healing instead understand that there is still a future to look forward to.

Exercise and Depression

After conforming to your feelings and have gain optimism for a great future, exercise will help you in the transitioning process and fight depression entirely. According to statistics, exercise can treat depression just as effectively as the antidepressants, and if you maintain an exercise schedule, it will prevent a relapse of the depression. Exercise also acts as a distraction from your depressing thoughts.

It is possible for a divorced person to overcome the depression medically, but there is also exercise. For instance; when you exercise, your body produces two chemicals, dopamine, and serotonin, which are responsible for the emotional activity. Physical workout can boost the production of dopamine, which controls emotions such as anger and other emotional imbalances. It also helps the brain release endorphins, chemicals that energize you and make you feel good.