Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

A great way to burn excess belly fat and get six-pack abs is to do exercises for belly fat. When you lose belly fat, you also lose inches from your waist and a great body shape, especially when you have a little bit of extra-abdominal skin. So it is very important to get your ab muscles into shape also. Exercises for belly fat will give you six-pack abs by improving your overall fitness. Here are six exercises for belly fat that can be done almost anywhere and at any time.

The abdominal crunch

The abdominal crunch, sometimes called the mountain climber, is a great exercise to use to tone the abdominal muscles. The crunch also helps you to lose belly fat, but it specifically targets the core muscles. You do not need weights when doing the crunch, so you can focus solely on the abdominal muscles. To perform the crunch, lie on your back and lift your legs up, then raise your chest and extend your arms over your head. Then lower your chest to the floor and repeat this motion several times.

Good mornings

Good mornings are another one of the exercises for belly fat that many people overlook. They are very effective and may even be more effective than crunches because they strengthen and relax the abdominals. To do a good morning workout, simply stand with your feet hip-distance apart. With your hands clasped together and your body bent forward, crunch your lower back until your shoulders form a straight line. Hold your breath and repeat two more times.

The plank exercises

The plank exercises are also good for your lower back and stomach. In fact, the plank is so effective that many Pilates practitioners include a plank in their workout. You can practice the plank on the floor, but most trainers will tell you to hold onto a partner for support. Holding onto a partner improves your posture and reduces the chance that you will slouch as you execute your crunches.


Crunches and other abs workouts don’t burn off the fat in your midsection. They only tone the area beneath your muscle. To burn off more calories, you need to find ways to burn calories from the actual food you consume. Adding an exercise routine that focuses on eating right and taking advantage of the foods that already contain calories can give you the results you want and help you reach your weight loss goals faster.

One of the best workouts for adding lean muscle mass and burning belly fat combines exercises for the stomach and oblique muscles. The first step to getting started with this type of workout is to purchase a pair of dumbbells. Set up a workout bench at home and add a chair to it. Lie down in the chair with your feet on the floor and put one dumbbell between your legs. Raise the dumbbells up until your thighs are parallel to the floor and lower the weights back down to your starting position.

Create a well-balanced diet

A great way to begin losing extra belly fat through exercises for belly fat is to create a well-balanced diet. If you are carrying excess fat around your middle, consider eliminating or limiting unhealthy fatty foods. This includes French fries, chips, and sodas, and replacing them with fruits and vegetables. As much as possible, try to avoid fatty foods that are fried. Instead, choose baked items or oily snacks like shrimp, nuts, and seeds. Also, consider taking some supplements, such as protein powder, to help grow muscles, or fat burners to burn off that extra fat.


By following a regular workout routine and sticking to your diet, you will start to see results quickly. Not only will you begin to lose belly fat, but you will also get rid of back pain, joint pain, and other health problems that often accompany excess body fat. While these tips may seem too simple to be true, they are proven to work. You may even find that your metabolism will skyrocket following the benefits of a workout routine that includes crunches. Exercise will increase blood flow to the area around your abs, which causes them to become firmer.