Benefits Of HIIT Workouts You Can See Immediately

Are you looking for HIIT workouts that will pack some punch? Do you want to know what HIIT workout routines can do for you? Well, you have come to the right place! In this article, I’m going to cover a few things about HIIT workouts and exactly how they can benefit you.

Very good for fat burning

HIIT workouts usually last just 15 – 30 minutes! And do think you will not see immediate results from those quick intense workouts. You can get almost the same benefits from long, low-intensity cardio workouts. HIIT workouts are very good for fat burning.

A recent study found that people who performed HIIT workouts performed three times as many calories burning as people who did long workouts on stairways. But the short amount of time spent in HIIT increased the metabolic rate and fat oxidation. So instead of spending three times as many calories on long walks, the person burned those calories twice as fast by doing short bursts of high-intensity exercise. HIIT workout routines are designed to push your body as far as possible, so your muscles will be forced to cope. This is a great benefit since your muscles will then be able to use the energy to burn fat faster!

Need to be disciplined enough to keep up

The only disadvantage of HIIT workout routines is the fact that you need to keep up with them. There is a period where you need to give the muscles a rest, and that’s when you will see the most health benefits. For many people, especially those who are beginners, keeping up with a HIIT routine can be hard. They burn so many calories that their body just can’t handle doing it anymore. If you want to continue to see the maximum benefits of your workout, then you need to be disciplined enough to keep up.

When your muscles are pushed to their limits and they can’t work as efficiently anymore, they will have a significant amount of energy, but they can’t make use of it very well. For your body to regain energy, your metabolism needs to be active. You don’t want your body just sitting there, waiting to be replenished. That is why you need to perform long periods of moderate-intensity exercise with an active recovery interval. An active recovery interval means that you have shorter rest periods between workouts.

Very serious aerobic conditioning effect

HIIT workouts burn fat extremely fast, but they don’t provide you with a very serious aerobic conditioning effect. Your body needs a good aerobic base before you can begin to build lean muscle mass and reduce your body fat percentage. You need to do some cardio training before you start implementing HIIT routines because they are not particularly effective for weight loss in the beginning stages.

As you progress through your HIIT workouts you will naturally start to burn more fat. The only thing you cannot do is create muscle mass. If you want to achieve lean muscle mass, then you need to create lean muscle with low reps and high weights. This is what separates HIIT from steady-state cardio training.

If you are looking for ways to lose weight quickly, then you should seriously consider implementing HIIT routines. I have already explained how they are far superior to steady-state cardio routines. You will also experience a host of other benefits. You will drop weight quickly, build lean muscle mass quickly, and strengthen your immune system in a short period.

When I compare HIIT workouts to traditional exercise sessions, I also compare them to running for weight loss. Some people might be thinking that this sounds like a good idea but jogging in the mornings is not recommended! Jogging in the mornings can be tedious. HIIT workouts are designed to be intense, entertaining, and fun which all work well together to make working out a fun experience.

Increased metabolism

Another benefit of HIIT workouts is increased metabolism. Our bodies begin to burn calories faster during a HIIT workout as our muscles become more active. As our metabolism increases, we will begin to lose extra fat much quicker and easier than we would if we were exercising at a traditional pace. The reason why our metabolism increases during HIIT is because of the added intensity provided by the intense and high-rep cardio exercises that are carried out in HIIT routines. Our bodies are now working harder and our energy levels are higher so our metabolism is burning more fat faster!

If you were to do a HIIT session versus a traditional cardio exercise, you could expect to lose up to four inches and about a pound per week. If you could lose that amount in two weeks you would easily be able to shed those pounds and inches that you have been carrying around for years! The other benefit of HIIT is that you can do the HIIT routine up to three days per week and if you follow the recommended times for your exercises you will see results in a matter of only a few months. This means that you won’t have to go through the same type of weight loss process for years on end!