Benefits of a Green Exercise Environment

When we exercise indoors, most weather conditions are removed from the picture, especially wind, cold and humidity. Thanks to this, our workouts tend to be easier and frankly, a little boring. However, without weather fluctuations, the change of intensity and pace remains constant which allows a more consistent performance. So, the ideal place to work out it would be something that combines the scenery of the outside world and the conditions of the inside world. Can we create that and what benefits can we expect from our green exercise environment? Let’s find out.

Better mood

In today’s hectic world, we all crave some peace and relaxation. Luckily, gyms and workout spaces that are filled with natural elements and clean air can do wonders for our mood. Indoor air quality, lighting, the presence of greenery can all affect our stress levels, enhance our mood and boost our cognitive abilities. Of course, no indoor space is free of toxins and allergens, but a lot of air-purifying plants and plenty of ventilation can help keep the toxins out and boost the air quality in the space. And when you can breathe freely and easily, you will instantly feel happy, re-energized and ready to tackle any task at hand. Also, biophilic spaces usually employ natural and eco-friendly workout equipment which encourages creativity, fun and movement all of which can have a positive effect on humans.

Enhanced productivity

Workout spaces that take inspiration from the natural world can affect their users in many ways, but one of the most notable ones is the increase in productivity levels. Why? Well, natural lighting plays a huge role in the way we feel, and function and most biophilic spaces have plenty of it. Natural lighting usually has one of the most important roles in biophilic spaces, so a sustainable gym design with biophilic elements will always be bright, airy and supplied with circadian lighting. Being active in a space that makes the most out of its natural and artificial light will result in better productivity, better alertness, more energy and increased performance.

Soothing emotions

Most nature-inspired gyms choose to ditch bold reds and blues and opt for neutral and natural colors and decoration. Biophilic gyms usually try to imitate nature so you can notice a lot of different greens, beiges, browns and whites introduced into the design. These colors are very soothing and they tend to evoke positive and stress-relieving emotions. Also, wallpapers with natural motifs and plenty of potted plants additionally boost the overall vibe and enjoyment of the space which will definitely boost the clients’ satisfaction.

Better connection with nature

When surrounded by natural elements, we are encouraged to grow, be productive and motivated and pay better attention to our health and wellbeing. While most indoor workout spaces usually use synthetic materials, the biophilic design implements plenty of wood, bamboo, cork, leather and natural fibers. These Earth-friendly materials provide the room with aesthetic and sustainable benefits while allowing people to touch and handle natural materials. This contact with nature, its textures and fragrances provides people with vitality and energy and sparks a better connection with Mother Earth. Also, it awakens better eco-consciousness in users and encourages them to pay more attention to the conservation of the natural world and the reduction of pollution.

Mixing the outdoor world with the indoor world can have a lot of benefits for athletic people. The new biophilic design provides users with an effective place for working out, but it also improves motivation, encourages focus and awakens positive emotions in customers. Thanks to its many benefits, both mental and physical, we can expect to see more and more nature-inspired gyms that allow people to get a pleasant workout in a safe, healthy and stress-free environment.