5 Things You Need To Know Before Starting Krav Maga

Krav Maga provides a defensive mechanism and has been useful for training, especially in the military, for an extended period now. It generally focus on instilling moves that are essential for dealing with your enemies in time of attacks. The moves involve both the hands and feet where coordinating these parts facilitate the Attacking mechanism. Krav Maga is not done for entertainment or fun other than for safety.

This article presents a starters’ krav maga guide thereby providing insight on essential tips for a beginner.

1. You must ensure consistency

Krav Maga is a form of exercise, and workouts that require consistency for it to be effective. However, this practice is more stringent and demanding than any other form of workouts. It requires more devotion and hard work for you to perfectly master the skill.

It is therefore essential to ensure dedication, and eventually, your mind and body will adapt to the exercises. The more devotion you put to the classes after enrolling, the sooner you will experience some improvements and expertise.

2. Acquire proper training gears

Similar to other sports such as martial arts, you need to have training equipment for Krav Maga lessons. Gears such as head protectors, mouth/shin guard, and fighting gloves are essential for the exercise. To ensure efficiency, you should acquire gears that are of high-quality so that they can even last longer.

Krav Maga might involve some rough activities, and if equipment cannot endure, it may end up being less effective.

3. Expect bruises and injuries

Any fighting activity poses a threat of injuries right from the training moments to actual fighting act. During training, your muscles might immensely strain which might cause inflammation and pain. It is almost impossible to carry out training sessions without undergoing pain. Even after you have mastered the skill, you might get involved in a few fights with the intent of defending yourself. During these instants, you should expect to get bruised and injured by the opponent/s.

4. Awareness emphasis

Krav Maga concentrates on imparting awareness in the fighter. Therefore, after completing the course successfully, you will acquire the ability to handle your enemy and any other threatening situations promptly. Krav Maga teaches you to maintain alertness all the time so that in time of attacks, you will be in a position to respond swiftly. When you acquire the awareness ability, you will at most times emerge a winner with least injuries.

5. Enroll in a Krav Maga class

The best and most effective way to learn and acquire the Krav Maga technique is by signing up in a Krav Maga class. Such a class has experts who will properly guide you on the various procedures of acquiring the skill. The class has well-scheduled sessions which is essential as it obliges you to attend them even at times you feel low.

Before enrolling in any class, you need to establish their competence firstly. Some gyms will publicize for the availability of Krav Maga lessons while they lack proper training equipment for the technique.


Krav maga was initially practiced in Israel, but over the years, it has spread to other parts of the world. It is suitable for everyone even those who are not in the military, including all kinds of gender irrespective of their body capabilities. It is mostly fancied due to its effectiveness hence suitable even for paramilitary and women.